10 Of The Most Creative Pies On The Planet


This list of the most creative pies on the planet look too cool to eat!

Creative Pies

All it takes is some whipped cream to make a pie look pretty enough to eat, but the bakers on this list took it more than a couple steps further. In fact, the world’s most creative pies look too good to eat!

Creating a masterpiece pie is different than baking a beautiful cake. Typically all you have to work with are the pie’s pastry and sweet filling as opposed to more flexible icing and fondant used to bake cakes.

Despite the added difficulty, these talented bakers have found ways to make the most creative pies on the planet.

Apple Rose Pie

Creative Pies 1Photo Credit: imgur

Octopus Pie

Don’t let this fishy pie fool you, it’s berry delicious!

Creative Pies 2

Creative Pies 3Photo Credit: Sabine Astroph

Growing Tree Pie

With a limb for every guest, the tree pie makes the perfect dish to serve at your next family affair.

Creative Pies 4Photo Credit: elephantjournal.com

Decorative Medieval Pie

Creative Pies 5Photo Credit: historicfood.com

The Real Deal Chicken Pot Pie

This incredibird masterpiece puts all of my chicken pot pies to shame.

Creative Pies 6Photo Credit: Christine McConnell

Flower Power Pie

Creative Pies 7photo Credit: nommynom.com

Amazing Autumn Pie

Creative Pies 8Photo Credit: reddit

Fancy Little Spider Pie

Creative Pies 9Photo Credit: superpunch.net

Owl Pie

This pie is sure to make a hoot if served for dessert… or dinner.

Creative Pies 10Photo Credit: sweetexplorations.com

Valentine Heart Pie

Creative Pies 11Photo Credit: thediaryofdaveswife.com

Creative Pies

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